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So far I’ve only encountered some very basic drum fills in the songs I’ve been learning but they’ve still presented somewhat of a challenge to me as a new drummer. One of things that has posed a problem for me is figuring out which hands should hit which drums in the course of a fill. Sometimes I find it easier to use an alternating (RLRL or LRLR) technique and other times it seems easier to use sort of a hybrid technique (RRL or LLR, etc.). For instance, in a sixteenth/sixteenth/eighth fill, I’ve sometimes found it easier to hit the toms RRL as opposed to RLR. In some fills, I’ve found it useful to learn the fill multiple ways and then pick which way sounds best. It’s tempting to choose the method which makes the fill easier to play, but I’ve tried to go with the option that sounds most like the recording. So far, I’ve run into this issue in Don’t Tread On Me and in the fill that leads into the tom outro in Enter Sandman. Learning the rudiments has helped me quite a bit as they cover every conceivable hand pattern and allow you to more easily play the fills in multiple ways.

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